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May 18 2015


Lotus LE80 Box Mod


The LE80 Box Mod presented by Lotus is definitely an unadulterated, pure and robust device! - IPV 3 Li

The product Features:

 Spring loaded 510 connector
 3 stage shifter LED control up: voltage output, middle system is off , bottom: life cycle of battery
 0.2-5.0 ohm Resistance
 Twist style potentiometer - for increasing and decreasing operating voltage
 Voltage range is 3.3V - 6.1V
 Top style fire button
 3 digit LED display - voltage & battery status
 Magnetic battery cover
 2 18650 batteries 30amp or higher. (flat top batteries are recommended)
 Batteries are series not parallel
 LE80 will detect battery direction and will not operate if inserted incorrectly - IPV 3 Li

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